User manual | main
Choose the tire size.

We have more than 220 preloaded tire sizes! When you choose the tire size the calculator will display the tire circumference.

Choose the desired Cadence

by moving the cadence button up and down or you can also use “+” and “-” when you choose the desired cadence, the Bike Gear Calculator will display the Speed.

Choose the desired Speed

by moving the Speed button up and down or you can also use “+” and “-” when you choose the desired Speed, the Bike Gear Calculator will display the Cadence.

Choose the crank length.

Choose the Chainring.

Choose the Sprocket.

Choose mph or kmh

If you don`t find the tire size/tire circumference you need. Simply go to Settings and tap “+” button. Then you can add your own tire size and tire circumference to the list. You can also remove the tire sizes that you don`t need from the list one by one or by tapping “Clear ALL” and then tap on the tires that you want to be displayed in the list. You can always return to the full list by tapping “Check ALL”

The same goes for the Crank Length, ChainRing, Sprocket.

You can customize the Bike Gear Calculator to match the specs of your bikes

In Settings you can choose what Chainring, Sprocket should be displayed on the main screen.

User manual | stopwatch

Let`s say I would like to know what distance I will cover and how many crank rotations I will make at a chosen gear ratio for 1 minute. Tap on Time and choose the Time from the list. If you don`t find your desired time. Go to Settings - Time - tap “+” - enter the time you need -tap SAVE. Now you can choose this Time from the list.


and choose the desired distance from the list. Again if you cannot find the Distance that you need in MatixSoft Bike Gear Calculator app, simply go to Settings - Distance - tap “+” - enter the Distance you need (example 0.2 mile (1056 ft), or 0.25 km (250m)-tap SAVE. Now you can choose this Distance from the list.

Crank Rotation.

The same goes for the Crank Rotations.

User manual | Gear compare

How many times do we ask ourselves when we buy our bike. Do I need a compact or standard or triple crankset? What cassette do I need? 11-25 or 12-28 or 12-32? MatixSoft Bicycle Gear Calculator app gives you the answers to those and many other questions


The number of revolutions of the crank per minute; this is the rate at which a cyclist is pedalling/turning the pedals. Cadence is measured by rotations per minute (rpm) from the list.

Gear Ratio.

Shows how many times the rear wheel spins with one pedal rotation. Example: Chainring 50, rear sprocket 25. Gear ratio 2.00 it means that with one pedal rotation the rear wheel will turn 2 times.

Gain Ratio.

The ratio between the distance travelled by the bicycle and the distance travelled by a pedal. For example, a gain ratio 7.5 means that for every inch the pedal travels around the bottom bracket, your bicycle travels the distance of 7.5 inches. This is the only method that takes crank lengths into consideration. For a cyclist whose bicycle has a longer crank length it will be easier to pedal. Though his bicycle will travel the same distance for the same number of pedal rotations than a bicycle with a shorter crank length.

Gear Inches.

Express gear ratios in terms of the diameter of an equivalent directly driven wheel. lower value means easier pedaling.


or rollout is the distance you travel with one crank rotation.

Chaining and Sprocket

Simply choose a Chainring and a Sprocket and compare it with the ones you have selected in the “Main” Screen. Use the cadence bar to see how the cadence will effect the speed.

User manual | charts

Create as many tables as you like.

Tap “+”

Enter the Chart Name

Tap “Next”

Choose Crank length and Tire Size

Tap “Next”

Enter Chainrings (teeth number)

Tap “Done”

Tap “Next”

Enter Rear Sprockets (teeth numbers)

Bottom panel

You can share the created Table with your friends, you can edit and delete it.